Members of Our Team

Christian van den Bos, Ph.D., M.Sc. (Oxon)

Dr. Christian van den Bos

Christian founded Mares Ltd. to accelerate market entry of ATMPs on behalf of their innovators. A experienced international R&D Manager, he has been actively developing and up-scaling ATMPs for more than 20 years, including 10 years of US-based professional activities. He served in responsible scientific and managerial positions at Lonza (Germany), Cytograft (USA), Symetis (Switzerland, Germany), ViaCell (USA), Kourion (Germany), Spectra Stable Isotopes (USA), Martek Biosciences (USA) and Osiris Therapeutics (USA). Christian enjoyed post-doctoral training at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories (USA), obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Muenster (Germany), and a degree of Master of Science from the university of Oxford (UK).


In his career, Christian contributed to all stages of drug development – from early research to commercial manufacturing. His recent track record includes:


  • Planning & executing aseptic manufacturing plants in Germany, USA and India
  • Obtaining an import permit (GMP approval) for a tissue engineering product (US/Germany)
  • Obtaining Ethics Committee approval for a multi-center, multi-indication clinical trial, phase I/II (Germany)
  • Preparing a investigators brochure (Germany)
  • Preparing a clinical trial application for a tissue engineered product (Germany)
  • Developing processes for scale-up of relevant production processes
  • Developing processes enhancing the potency of cell based products


Christian van den Bos has been recognized as a Qualified Person (QP) for ATMPs according to EU requirements.

Heinz Günter Hennings, Ph.D.

Dr. Heinz Günter Hennings

Dr. Heinz Günter Hennings has been a regulatory consultant to pharmaceutical companies and to EU authorities since 2002. He focuses on marketing authorization, pharmacogivilance and Good Practices, especially GCP.


Before, he worked for Aventis (France), Boehringer Ingelheim (Germany) and Ciba Geigy's subsidiary Zyma (Germany) in responsible positions for 25 years. Under his auspices twelve new drugs gained worldwide marketing authorizations. In addition to MRP procedures he oversaw extensive reorganization and process optimization measures. He was a member of the global regulatory advisory board of a multinational pharmaceutical company and member of the supervisory board of a biotech start-up.


Dr. Heinz Günter Hennings was recognized as Qualified Person (QP) according to Art. 49 of directive 2001/83/EC.

Heidi Käding

Heidi Käding

Heidi has 40 years experience in the fields of administration, assistance and sales in different branches.


At Mares Ltd., Heidi Käring supports the team in the backoffice as administrative assistant.

Karen Schipke

Karen Schipke

Karen has 18 years industry experience, the last 6 of which she gathered in the pharmaceutical consultancy industry, managing various projects in sales and account management with a particular focus on commercialization and project management of third party GMP audits.


At Mares Ltd., Karen Schipke covers the topics of sales, business development and marketing and is our contact for new and existing clients. Her principal focus is to develop new projects and to expand Mares' business into the developing market of ATMP manufacturing.

Stefanie Telsemeyer-Schauer, Ph.D.

Dr. Stefanie Telsemeyer-Schauer

Stefanie is a trained chemist with a focus on polymer chemistry – their synthesis, properties and characterization. She drove projects in both Germany and the UK targeting problems of physical chemistry and polymer chemistry. Not only a proven researcher, Stefanie also excelled at knowledge transfer and its organization and was awarded with the advancement award of university policy of Clausthal University of Technology acknowledging her contributions.

With a focus on turning ideas into products and acknowledging the importance of quality matters Stefanie trained in DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, relevant structures, implementation and maintenance of quality management systems as well as for a continuous improvement process. This culminated in a certification as quality management representative (QMB) by DEKRA. In addition, she has gained a WBS certification as referent for quality- and project-management.


Stefanie Telsemeyer-Schauer carries a Ph.D. from the Clausthal University of Technology, Germany.





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